Wednesday, October 11, 2017

German Bread? The kneads of a "Brot" addict.

One word:  CRUNCH!
It's all about that crunchy crust.  Well, and it's also about that firm, yet pliable texture.  And that heady smell of rye or sourdough.  And it's about that amazing flavor.  And how the butter (German butter or cheese preferred) settles into the air pockets of every slice.

Those of us who grew up in Germany remember being sent off to the local bakery around the corner to fetch a loaf of fresh German bread (Brot) before we were old enough for preschool. 

It was a rite of passage to walk into a local B├Ąckerei, filled with the aromas of baking breads, to stand in front of stacks of Bauernbrot, Roggenkruste, Ur-Roggenkruste, Mehrkornbrot, Fein-Mischbrot, Friesenkruste, Steinofenbrot, and a dozen or more varieties of handmade German breads.

Before we were old enough to read we handed a note from our Mutti or Oma to the baker's sales clerk and then waited to be handed a heavy, fragrent loaf or two that might still be slightly warm.  It's a hearty, happy memory that stays with you forever. 

Baking the perfect loaf can certainly be a home-made project for dedicated souls, but most families in Germany rely on the professionals to coax the best flavor and texture out of grains of every type.  The alchemy has been past down across the centuries from baker to baker, but the passion to create breads that leave an impression, and a crunch, is something that gets renewed every time a baker dons an apron.
"German bakers are like Gods to Germans; German bakeries like houses of worship.  So give us our daily bread, pretzels, and pastries." ~ Inga  Bowyer, Oct 2017