Saturday, February 7, 2015

Valentine's German-style

Love has no language barrier.
Germans in love, like Americans in love, will go to great lengths to shower their love with signs of deep devotion and true affection.  Long-stemmed roses, reservations at an upscale restaurant, decadent chocolates, and French Champagne are as likely to be part of February 14th in Germany as they are in the USA.
"Mon Cheri" is an "adult" chocolate filled with liquor
Although you won't find great differences in how Germans in love celebrate "Valentinstag" compared to how Americans in love celebrate Valentine's Day, a few sweet edibles are much more common in Germany.
For example, Liqueur-filled chocolates, like the delectable "Mon Cheri" brand by Ferrero, are especially popular.  Marzipan, a confection made primarily with ground almonds, sugar, and egg-whites is molded and shaped into hearts or other signs of endearment.  And German street vendors, who sell large gingerbread hearts on a string for any special occasion, insure that their hearts are iced with messages of love and passion.

But no matter which side of the Atlantic you find yourself in on February 14th, we hope you enjoy the sweetness of true love.