Sunday, June 23, 2013

What's a German gal to do when Gluten is VERBOTEN?

Wheat, barley, and oats are off the menu!
Nein!!!  That was my silent scream when my sister pointed out a few years ago that I might be allergic to gluten because of how I reacted every time I bit into any with a hint of wheat as an ingredient.

A wake-up call! As president at I was soon involved in working with our Purchasing folks to add more imported Gluten-free options to our product mix.
Schweinshaxe is G-F

Sausages and Meats...

Most of the meat products we carry are already gluten free because - with few notable exceptions - they are produced without fillers.

Candies and Chocolates
Many of our candies and chocolates are also gluten-free.  The obvious exception are those that include wafers, pieces of cookies, or wheat to bind ingredients.

Many (not all) Kinder items are GF
Most gummi candy is GF

Please visit our Gluten Free page, where you can find everything from gluten-free pasta, to soup broth, protein bars, and apple syrup. And also take a look at our catalog at where we have many more gluten-free items.

If you need to consult with us about what ingredients are in our products, please don't hesitate to call us at 1-877-GERMANY (437-6269) or email us at

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