Wednesday, April 10, 2013

German food in America

You don't just stumble into the online German food business.  Okay; you stumble a little.  But mostly you proceed like you know what you're doing; even when you don't.  Even when you are still putting the all the pieces together years after setting up shop.

Setting up shop as happened back in 1998, when online shopping was still in its infancy and prospective customers, if they owned a computer at all, were typically using painfully slow dial-up connections to browse the Internet. 

Back then great domain names weren't already all taken, so our name "" quickly struck a cord with German Ex-pats and US consumers craving hard-to-find German food and groceries.

It was not long before our customers trained us and helped turn us into a legitimate business.  They demanded certain products so our inventory grew from 40 products to well over 4,000 products.  They told us they wanted their products to arrive faster, fresher, and cheaper so we found ways to do that.  They demanded to be kept informed about their orders so we created the world's best OPS (Order Processing System).

Now those customers are demanding that we keep Germany's food tradition alive.  They are insisting that we help educate a new generation about the joys of German, Swiss, and Austrian cuisine.  So we're stepping up to the plate with cooking videos, recipes, hints, tips, techniques, and product-sourcing.

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